William H. Galvin

Middle School Project

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Feasibility Study Under Way

The project team is now in the Feasibility Study. Educational visioning and programming has been established, as well as space planning, and the first submission to the MSBA known as the PDP (Preliminary Design Program) was submitted in October 2023. The team then worked on and submitted the PSR (Preferred Schematic Report) on February 5, 2024. In this recent phase the project options were narrowed down to the preferred option for a building and site layout, an estimated cost was established for that option, and this will serve as a guide to moving the project forward into schematic design and ultimately a final design.  Next step in the process will be a Board of Directors Meeting for the MSBA where they will hopefully vote to have the Galvin Middle School project move into schematic design. 


School Committee Meeting

April 11, 2024

School Building Committee Meeting

Date TBD


School Committee Meeting

March 21, 2024

School Committee Meeting

February 15, 2024 

School Committee Meeting

February 1, 2024

School Committee Meeting

January 18, 2024

Joint School Committee/School Building Committee Meeting

Wednesday Dec 20, 2023 ⋅ 6pm – 7:30pm

Community Forum #4

November 29, 2023

Community Forum #3

November 13, 2023

Community Forum #2

October 25, 2023

Community Forum #1

September 27, 2023